How we work

Wento’s business is currently divided into two lines – typical RES asset development and construction (wind and PV) and “new energy” business model where Wento engages in analyzing the potential in energy solutions based on batteries and storage assets as well as in Demand Side Response.

In addition Wento operatem, since December 2015, till August 2020, a 36MW wind farm located in Central Poland. This wind farm was developed, constructed, financed and operated by the Wento Team and ten sold to the largest Polish utility company – PGE S.A.

The business line focused around RES generates the return on equity invested in the development and optionally the construction phase of wind or PV projects. When developing greenfield or acquiring fully developed projects, Wento subsequently takes the responsibility for securing the stable and predictable cash flows: either by 15-year long Contracts for Difference (CfD), assigned in the „reverse auctions” (the lowest bid wins), organized by the Polish Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) or through a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with a reputable off-taker.

At the same time, Wento through an organized competitive process, offers the projects to strategic or long-term financial investors. Once the CfD or PPA are secured, the projects are sold to the selected investor. For those willing to acquire turn-key projects, Wento is able to arrange the financing of the construction phase (under the bridge finance or project finance formula), secure the procurement of equipment, construct and deliver the project on a turn-key basis (and also provide O&M and commercial support in the operational phase).

Areas of expertise

All these processes are led by our experienced and multidisciplinary team of dedicated experts working within the following areas of responsibility:

  • Project development
  • Technical and construction
  • Legal and regulatory
  • Finance and strategy
  • Asset sales

Extensive experience of our team allows selecting the best projects available on the market and/or quickly optimizing the projects with the unrealized potential. Our technical skills and close cooperation with first-class technical advisors and equipment suppliers make it possible to maximize the project’s productivity to capex ratio, thanks to the proper selection of most advanced wind turbines or PV technology currently available on the market, backed up by proper O&M contracts and competitive procurement procedures.

Thanks to the “hands-on” approach of our team to the entire life cycle of the project, construction and its financing, Wento is able to deliver superior quality assets to the interested investors while assuring attractive returns.