For Co-investors

Due to a very dynamic development of the Polish wind farm projects market itself and increasing interest of the domestic and European industry and institutional investors in purchase of the wind farms, as operating assets, Wento sees the opportunity to grow its business beyond the capital base dedicated for this kind of investment by its primary sponsor – PEF VI fund, managed Enterprise Investors.

Therefore we are open for any discussion involving the possibility of co-investing into separate projects, as well as in a portfolio of wind farm projects with any investors willing to share our strategy of generating the return on the construction phase of a wind farm project.

We believe that the knowledge and experience of our Team, together with unparalleled track record of Enterprise Investors in structuring and performing equity transaction in Poland and CEE region is offering a true added value to any transaction related to purchase and sale of wind energy generation assets.

Please contact our Chief Financial Officer - Piotr Matwijów for further discussion of the co-investment opportunities.

Regulatory Environment