For developers

We are looking for buying the projects, or co-operate with the developers of medium size wind farms (20-100 MW), with valid interconnection agreement, that are the end of the permitting phase (building permit already secured or expected in the next 12 months). Our main interest is in the project located in the areas with above average wind speeds (more then 6,5 m/s, at 100 m), with a professionally performed wind measurement campaign.

During our “due diligence” processes we pay particular attention to the compliance of the project with the environmental law, having successfully passed one year of birds and bats monitoring. We also prefer the projects located in the terrains covered already by local zoning plans.

We assume majority of our investment would finance construction of wind farm, however we do not exclude financing the development process of the more advanced projects.

We consider either a buy-out of the entire project or a joint venture with the developer.