About us

WENTO is an investment company created by Enterprise Investors (http://www.ei.com.pl/en), a leading private equity fund manager in CEE, with over 20 years experience, 7 funds raised for total amount of 1.7 bn EUR, over 100 investments executed.

EI is backed by leading global institutional investors and it is the largest and most experienced investment team in the CEE region. EI judged positively the outlook of renewable energy sector in CEE, and allocated 40–60 million EUR from PEF VI Fund to investments through WENTO in wind energy industry in Poland.

WENTO started in late 2011, after almost a year of market research and analysis done by EI and after assembling the Team of the most experienced Polish professionals from the renewable and wind energy industry.

WENTO is investing mainly into medium size (20-100 MW) wind farm projects, where its equity used during the construction phase of a fully developed wind farm project, creating in this way tangible assets, which can be sold to strategic investors, such as local and foreign utilities, or financial investors, interested in holding of such assets for longer term.

Thanks to the “hands-on” approach of our Team to the entire life cycle of the wind farm construction and its financing under the project finance formula, WENTO is able to deliver superior quality assets to the interested off-takers, while assuring attractive returns for the equity provided by EI.